CanBonesLive.jpgCan These Bones Live?

ISBN 1-5988647-2-6

Do miracles still exist or have they ceased since the early church?

This and many other questions are addressed on the pages of Can These Bones Live?
A true story of a pastor whose vision of God’s heart compelled him to go to a small nondescript church in the midst of a predominantly white community. Can These Bones Live? describes the deeds of a faithful God whose ultimate triumph is seen in the transformation of the church, its people, and the community to which it was called to serve. This book  will encourage as well as confront. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you angry, it will bring you joy, and it will leave you clamoring for more.


AlmostPersuaded.pngAlmost Persuaded, Now to Believe  

ISBN 978-1-60462-513-4

Pastor Joshua A. McClure unveils what the spiritual life really looks like. He shares the gospel message in everyday language and the text is clear, concise and  cogent as one chapter builds upon another.  In this book he explains concepts like the trinity, creation, the fall, Incarnation, grace, mercy, New Creation, deeper life and others.  He has captured the subject as clearly, powerfully, and simply as possible and the reader is invited to persuasively move from theory to life application. Every serious student of Christianity should have a copy of this book. 


CrimsonThreadOfTheBible.jpgThe Crimson Thread Of The Bible

ISBN 978-1-935265-91-7

Countless people read the Bible with a desire to learn more about God, however, they often find the text difficult to understand and abandon their attempts to comprehend it. Indeed, pursuing answers for life can be frustrating unless you understand how the entire Word of God and life are strongly bound together by an intricate thread. The Crimson Thread Of The Bible reveals the story of God's faithfulness and determination to carry out His plan to redeem His fallen people. It reveals the constant, redemptive thread throughout the Bible that tells how God's Divine plan is fashioned in eternity and how the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to His plan.



“I love the personal, avuncular style of this book, The Crimson Thread of The Bible-it feels like the Apostle John at his age giving counsel to his church members-it reads like you are at the kitchen table sharing with me! Excellent text to accomplish an almost self-contradictory task: use a cognitive means [text] to motivate a whole-being response!"

Rev. Dr. Anthony G. Pappas, Executive Minister, The American Baptist churches of MA, Author of Healthy Esteem: Vital Ministry in the Small Membership Church, Entering the World of the Small Church, Inside The Small Church, Editor: The Five Stones Magazine

WhoDoYouSayIAm.jpgWho Do You Say I AM?

ISBN 9781937756772

Award-winning author Joshua A. McClure confronts us with the question Jesus posed to his disciples: “Who do you say I am?” Do we simply give the equivocal answer, “God is a mystery”? Or have we real insight of the awesome God to whom we pledge our lives and futures?  Following after God is more than going through the motions of church life.  In Who Do You Say I AM? McClure inspires us to bring back spiritual power to our lives and see God as he is, by recapturing the sense of his everlasting divine presence. His flair for honest, down-to-earth biblical study can blaze a trail through your doubts and fears to embrace the question as never before: Who do you say I am?



Who Do You Say I AM? is without a doubt a clear, concise and comprehensive exploration of the Christian Doctrine of God.  In an age when many are questioning long-held beliefs, this spirit-filled apologetic of God is engagingly refreshing, practically relevant, theologically sound and thoroughly biblical. It is a must read for all who seek to experience God, both intimately and corporately.  Then, we will make the joyful discovery that God not only knows us, but has made himself known to us and desires that we know him.

Rev. Dr. Carl H. Balark, Jr. Senior Pastor .  Ebenezer Baptist Church . Providence, RI.


Made For Glory

ISBN 978-1-63269-426-3

Through the ages, mankind has longed to understand and explain our origin. The Bible tells us we were created in the image and likeness of God and that God formed our body from the dust of the ground. But exactly how were we made? What was our form like? How did this body differ from Jesus when he took on human flesh? How do we rightly address the relationship between Creation and incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and re-creation?

In Made for Glory, award-winning author Joshua A. McClure combines testimony and biblical inquiry to unlock mysteries that have great implications for our lives today. His flair for graphic, powerful biblical study removes blinders and opens the way for deep reflection on past assumptions and misinformation about the purposes of God for his created beings. A must-read for anyone pursuing the truth of who you are and what it means to be made in God’s glorious image.


Book Reviews

Dear Rev. Joshua A. McClure,

Thank you very much for the book-Can these Bones Live? I am a Pastor. It could not have come at a better time. Of late I have had difficulty in my ministry.  I nearly hung up my boots. But the moment pastor  Edward B who has ministered to us effectively ever since he came to South Africa placed this book in my hand as a gift, I felt a surge of hope within.

Just on the cover I saw my life and ministry. For sure I didn’t have to read long. On page 31 under the heading “signs of a dying church” you tabulated 10 points. Every single one of them is true. It was like you are part of our church. As I write now, I have not finished reading the book because I read each chapter twice. I could say more but for now all I can say is - God richly bless you and the ministry. May you continue penning down all that the Holy Spirit prompts you for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Many thanks from South Africa,



I want to express my appreciation and say thank you to Joshua McClure for being a scholar who thought it not robbery to become a general practitioner.  Scholars usually remain at the academy, out of the line of fire, and reflect on the problems of the street.  I think when we learn more about Pastor McClure, we may discover that He became a scholar seeking answers to the hurts, the doubts, and the uncertainties he encountered in the lives of struggling Christians in the street.  I think it was in the street that Reverend McClure learned to be very cautious about using the term “serious Christian.”

This Preacher has taken words and concepts that we often use, assuming, mistakenly, that the listener understands, and has wrapped them around the everyday events of his journey.  Scripture passages come alive as he relates his story to concepts like the trinity, creation, the fall, Incarnation, New Creation, deeper life and others.  Pastor Joshua McClure exposes himself in this book.  In "Almost Peruaded, Now to believe" The reader will learn that Joshua has a scholar’s mind…and a shepherd’s heart.

Thank you, Reverend McClure, for sharing.

Miles T. Crawford, Jr. Senior Minister . Zion Community Church . Springfield, MA 01109